What you don't know only makes you stronger

Spare a thought for poor Ros Bates, must be awful getting up there and talking about something she has no idea about. Strawbarry thinks an arts grant would be great to help his little girl get some lessons after kindy.

Not everyone who writes in to the Courier Mail is a vicious scumbag. A couple of people offer some advice to strawbarry - trying to save him the time and effort as grants are not for everyone, certainly not for a lovely little queensland girl

Strawbarry responds "That's a real shame about the grants being "who you know". I see a lot of that at kindy with the Mums who aren't working. They end up doing a lot of their kiddies work themselves whereas my daughter does it all herself
but that is not in and probably is a bit late - timing is all, and comments do get closed off pretty quick

And there's always someone negative - I hate that

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